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Autonomous investment: where an enterprise funds the investment wholly on their own, it shall be entitled to the equivalent policies for green card enterprises made by the county CPC committee and the county government, and those policies under Jianfa (2013) No.4 and No.5 documents, aside from the beneficial policies made available by the Park.
Venture capital fund: the Park can make 5%-20% investment participation for the admitted projects if necessary, which will depend on actual situation. The capital will be retrieved after 3~5 years with no interest.
Venture capital construction: the park provides participation by (standard factory). The investor can propose the Park to withdraw the shares at the original price when the enterprise goes into full operation.
Capital construction guarantee: when 60% of the actual investment amount is available, if balance still exists even with the park’s participation, the bank will provide loans secured by the Park to cover the balance. To meet financing needs, the admitted enterprises are required to settle a payment above 30% of the project fund. The Park will carry out the construction according to the design scheme. The remained 70% project fund shall be squared up within 3 years (project auditing by the entering enterprise shall prevail as the project cost) started with the delivery date of the project. After the settlement of the entire project fund, property ownership certificate shall be given to the enterprise.
Cooperative reorganization: Jianfa (2013) No. 4 document: the assets reorganization. The outer investment of more than RMB 5 million of which over 35% is foreign capital can enjoy the subsidy at the investment amount of newly added equipment. According to incentive policy Article 3, Jianfa (2013) No. 4 Document, extra 1% will be given to the enterprise and extra 3% will be given to foreign investment. The tax generated during the reorganization will be returned to the enterprise after the investment money is available; all the fees collected by the county government during the reorganization will be returned at full amount.
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