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Land Resources

 Jianhu County has 905,200 mu of arable land, equivalent to 1.142 mu per capita. The fertile land is suitable for the growth of all kinds of crops, including rice, cotton, oil crop, fruit and vegetable, and has earned it a reputation as a “land flowing with milk and honey” and “the pearl on rivers”.

Solar and Wind Resources

The county is blessed with ample sunshine and rich solar resources. It features a subtropical moist monsoon climate. Under the sway of marine monsoon, the wind gusts up to 3.4 meters per second normally, conducive to temperature conditioning and the culture and growth of crops, but more effort is needed to tap into wind resources.

Water Resources

Jianhu is situated at the lower reach of Huai River, in depressions at the heart of Lixia River Region. The fields are crisscrossed by ditches and rivers and nurtured by abundant water resources and ample precipitation. The vast waters provide rich underground fresh water. The whole county boasts of 399,800 mu water area, representing 19.58% of its total area, and shoals extend 223,000 mu. Water is the second largest resource only next to arable land. Moreover, the waters are rich in natural bait materials and are nutrient waters suitable for the growth and multiplication of a wide variety of water plants and fresh water fish. Fresh water fish farming can have a growth period of more than seven months a year. It is one of the top ten aquaculture counties and the largest crab culture base in Jiangsu.

There are many ditches, rivers, streams and ports in the county, over 3,000 in total. The major river channel leading to the sea is the Huangsha Port, while some floods will be discharged into the seat via the Sheyang River. Besides, its main backbone channels also cover north-south rivers including Qiangwei River, Galiang River, Xitang River, Dongtang River, Yushen River, Chuanchang River and Tongyu River, as well as west-east rivers including Nanyan River and Beitang River. Its main tributaries include Picha River, Lugou River, Jianyan River, Lixia River, Jiangang River, Mani Ditch, Taixu Ditch, Xigang River, and Liaojia Ditch, etc.

Biological Resources

Jianhu County is rich in biological resources and varieties. Its plant resources can be divided into ligneous plants, herbaceous plants and ground cover plants, over 1,000 varieties in total, including 115 herbaceous plants in 25 floras. Its animal resources can be divided into terrestrial animals and aquatic animals, nearly 1,000 varieties in total.

Geographical Position

At north latitude of 33°16′~33°41′ and east longitude of 119°33′~120°05′, the whole county lies in the down-warping faulted region of the Yangtze-Huai Platform in north Jiangsu. The county can be divided into two parts by the Chuanchang River: the eastern costal plain and the western Yangtze-Huai plain.

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