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2012 National County Economic Science Development Exchange Annual Symposium is held in Shenmu County, Shaanxi Province on Dec. 10, 2012, at which the list of the 12th national economy top 100 counties (cities) is released, and Jianhu is among the top 100 for the third year consecutively.

Comprehensive Strength

In 2012, the whole county is expected to achieve GDP of RMB 32 billion, up 12.9% year on year, and realize total fiscal income of RMB 7 billion around, including local public financial budget revenue of RMB 3.3 billion. According to the latest feedback data of Jiangsu Statistic Bureau and the Survey Office of the National Bureau of Statistic in Jiangsu, in 2012, the per capita disposable income of urban residents in our county is RMB 21,215; the per capita net income of rural residents is RMB 11,705, up 13%; and the gap between urban and rural income has been narrowed gradually. Jianhu, following Dongtai and Dafeng, is the third “provincial overall well-off standard county” accepted and approved by Jiangsu Province in north Jiangsu, and ranks the 92nd among 2012 national basic economic competiveness top 100 counties.

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Jianhu takes the first place for the total number of China famous brands in north Jiangsu. Among the latest batch of identified China famous brands announced by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on Dec. 31, 2012, Jiangsu Yangbiao Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. from Jianhu County presents itself. Currently, Jianhu boasts 6 China famous brands, ranking the 5th in total number among all counties and cities in north Jiangsu. It is also the unique county in north Jiangsu known as one of “national brand development top 100 counties (ranking the 10th) and one of “China’s most potential counties for private economy”.

As its local private industrial economy is relatively developed in north Jiangsu, Jianhu leads the total number of famous brands at national, provincial and regional levels among all counties and cities in Yancheng region. In recent years, taking “promotion of famous brands to drive strategy” as a forceful measure for industrial restructuring, optimization of industrial upgrading, and improving innovation capabilities of pillar industries, Jianhu County has issued a series of files and successively invested RMB 250 million in enhancing support for enterprise brand innovation, assets reorganization, technical reform and capacity expansion to promote quick and benign development of county economy. By the end of last year, Jianhu County had registered 2,341 trademarks, including 32 provincial and 6 national famous brands. It will establish a famous brand pool and form a famous brand echelon upon “application-storage-cultivation” one-stop concept by executing key brand liaison system. Currently, Jianhu County has 33 trademarks under application-storage-cultivation. The county will add a new China famous brand this year. And by 2015, it will strive to add 3 China famous brands.

Jianhu County will actively change the economic development mode and make efforts to promote optimization and upgrading of industrial structure. The secondary and tertiary industries in Jianhu occupy 88.4% of GDP, ranking the 1st among all counties (cities) in Yancheng region. Jianhu will continuously accelerate the process of new industrialization, actively implement business attraction, vigorously carry out investment promotion of "hundred-day contest", and successively organize business attraction visits to Taiwan, Shenzhen, Shanghai, etc.,, along with which a number of new and special industrial projects will settle in Jianhu.

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From Jan. to Jun. Jianhu has commenced 160 over-10-million-valued projects, including 50 over-100-million-valued and 8 over-500-million-valued projects, striving to promote park carriers, accelerate project construction, carry out the activity of “year of going into production” in a deep-going way, and actively cultivate industrial leading enterprises. In the first half of 2011, Jianhu has 11 enterprises with paid-up taxes more than RMB 10 million, 5 more than that in the same period of last year, of which Senda Shoes breaks through RMB 200 million. “Haomai” becomes the first China famous brand of Jianhu in the new and special industry, while Shuangxin energy-saving pumping unit wins Jiangsu Excellent New Product Award. The “two areas and three parks” have totally implemented 51 over-100-million-valued projects, while key projects such as Senda Shoes, Ankai Auto., Mingzhi PV and Baoshang PV have witnessed a rapid growth. High-efficiency agriculture enjoys a fast development. By vigorously promoting construction of “three carriers” of agriculture, Jianhu has newly increased high-efficiency agricultural area of 36,000mu, including facility agriculture of 12,000mu, higher than the established market goal. Besides, it has newly circulated land of 35,000mu and established 26 land stock cooperatives. Yandan Zhengqing Agricultural Machinery Cooperative has been recognized as a national specialized cooperative, Hengji Aquatic Product Association has been appraised as a national farmer cooperative economic organization demonstration, while Jiulong Gardening has been titled as a provincial modern agriculture industrial park. The development level of service industry has been promoted comprehensively. It has stuck to attaching importance to the development of service industry and actively promoting construction of key projects, and key projects such as Guanggu Building, Kechuang Building, Steel Market Phase-2 and Yinhai Modern Logistics have grown rapidly. The business attraction force for service industry has been increased, and projects such as Chengnan New Area Urban Complex, Auto Trade City and Hardware Market have concluded contracts successfully. The achievements in financial work are obvious. The balances of deposits and loans have respectively increased by RMB 2.67 and 1.29 billion. The real estate industry has witnessed a healthy and ordered development. In the first half year, Jianhu has realized added values of RMB 5 billion in the service industry, up 14.2% year on year; and the contribution of service taxes to local general budget revenues has reached 45.9%. The open economy has seen a steady development. By active utilization of foreign investment, in the first half year, Jianhu has 18 foreign funded projects newly approved, achieving paid-up registered foreign investment of USD 72.11 million and foreign trade exports of USD 9.462 million. Jianhu has actively implemented the coastal development strategy and strived for superior policy supports. It has 149 newly declared projects this year and wins various funds of RMB 381 million, maintaining its first place in Yancheng.

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