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At north latitude of 33°16′~33°41′ and east longitude of 119°33′~120°05′, Jianhu County is located at the belly of the Lixia River Region in north Jiangsu and in the central west of Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. The whole county boasts a gross area of 1,160 km2, including 906 km2 of land area (accounting for 78.1%) and 254 km2 of water area (accounting for 21.9%). The whole county can be divided into two parts by the Chuanchang River: the eastern costal plain and the western Yangtze-Huai plain. The county is 48.7km wide from west to east and 43.7km long from north to south, just like a mandarin fish with head in the southwest and tail in the northeast. As to its boundaries, in the east, there are the Liaojia Ditch (North Section), Huangshadui and the Duitang River adjacent to Sheyang County; in the south, there are the Tanyang River (West Section), the South Caoyan River, the Picha River (West Section) and the Nanyan River (West Section) adjacent to Tinghu District and Yandu District; in the southwest, there is the Daaozi Pond adjacent to Baoying County, Yangzhou City; in the west, it is adjacent to Huxin of Sheyang County, neighboring Baoying County, Chuzhou of Huai’an City and Funing County; in the northwest, it takes the Galiang River as its boundary; and in the north, there are the Mani Ditch and the Yushen River adjacent to Funing County.  At north latitude of 33°27′ and east longitude of 119°49′, Jinhu Town, the county town, is located in the central west of the county, some 32.5km (linear distance, and same below) away from the Liaojia Ditch downstream river mouth and 30km away from Huangshadui in the northeast, 27.5km away from the Dayang River south mouth Jiangjia Beach and 22km away from Datuankou in the east, 19km away from the Donghong Bridge and 14km away from the Xinhemiao Ferry Bridge in the southeast, 15km away from Xiajiashe in the south, 20km away from the Dahuangtu Ditch and 15km away from Huajiazhuang in the southwest, 10.5km away from Sanchakou and 21km away from Xishe in the northwest, 14.5km away from Pandu in the north, and 35km away from urban Yancheng and 185km away from provincial capital Nanjing.
All right reserved Jiangsu Lantian Aerospace Industry Park   Record No.:Jiangsu IC 11032041-2     Park Address: No. 2 Hangkong Road, Jianhu County, Jiangsu Province